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To increase efficiency, try to answer the following questions when contacting us:

  1. Why are you starting this project? What business goals would you like to accomplish?
  2. When would you like to start the project? Are there any hard deadlines?
  3. What is the approximate budget you are looking to set aside for this project?

Make sure to include anything else that we should know. Share as many details as you’d like.

What happens after

Once you’ve sent us your application, we’ll contact you within 48 hours and schedule a Skype call. You’ll have the chance to tell us more about your project and we’ll discuss your business goals and expectations. We might also exchange some additional information after the call. At that point all of us will have a better idea as to whether we’re a good professional fit.

If both sides see value in working together, we’ll move forward.

If not, that’s okay too. There’s a high demand for talent in this industry, and it is in our best interest to only work on projects where we can deliver the most value.

Worst case we both had a nice chat and received some free feedback.

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