Products we helped clients develop from concept to market.

Fanjolt - 1000+ Happy fans - interact with favourite celebrities


1000+ Happy fans

Fanjolt aims to create memorable interactions between fans and has a curated ...

Movieo - 100,000 monthly visitors - Discover over 250,000 movies.


100,000 monthly visitors

Finding great movies to watch is a hassle. We had been searching for a simple...

RaceChip - 500,000+ Chips sold - unleash your car’s potential


500,000+ Chips sold

RaceChip manufactures and sells high-performance engine tuning chips for all ...

Roomsie - 8 months to MVP - Find your perfect Room


8 months to MVP

Roomsie is an online marketplace that connects hosts with interns, students, ...

Shindig - Increased Check-in Speed - Empower your event ticketing


Increased Check-in Speed

Shindig is a small ticketing app for exclusive events, battle-tested at a Cle...

TwoMargins - Crowdsourcing Wall Street - Discuss financial documents


Crowdsourcing Wall Street

Two Margins wants to change the way financial information is analyzed. They u...