Wordpress Projects

How we kickoff projects

We start every project with a collaborative analysis of your industry, business, and the problem you need solved. We’re not trying to create rigid documentation, but rather to establish a shared understanding of your business goals, project requirements, and target audience. We want to make sure that working with us brings value to your business. If we are a good cultural and professional fit, and both sides see value in working together — we can move forward.

How we design and develop products

Our goal is to work in a way that minimizes that risk. In the early development stages, we focus on delivering a design concept or a working prototype.

Some benefits of this approach are:

  • You will have a working website in your hands after a relatively short amount of time
  • You can begin testing your initial assumptions by inviting a small number of early users
  • We will have a chance to quickly and effectively prove our competence, giving you peace of mind

How we make sure that we’re moving in the right direction

Most projects fail because they never achieve product/market fit. People in charge of the project need to have a clear vision, but their assumptions can only be validated by actual results. That’s why we value releasing early and often, gathering user behavior data, and making changes accordingly.

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