Shindig - Increased Check-in Speed - Empower your event ticketing

Shindig - Increased Check-in Speed - Empower your event ticketing

Shindig is a small ticketing app for exclusive events, battle-tested at a Clean Fellas, Fly Over event in Northern Croatia.

About the client

Clean Fellas is a European artisanal manufacturer of car cleaning products that helps car enthusiasts keep their vehicles in top shape. To boost the Croatian automotive scene, Clean Fellas reached out to other car enthusiasts all over Europe to create an international event, Fly Over. Fly Over promotes the beauty of Croatia, the Croatian automotive industry, and its community.

Extending the concept

Krešimir Mostarčić, Clean Fellas CEO, reached out to us with the concept of building a simple ticketing application, which we named Shindig. Shindig enables ticket creation and design customization and speeds up people’s check-in with a QR code scanner implemented in the web application. We delivered the application on time and achieved the desired result.

The job

On that path, we encountered several challenges that we had to overcome:

  • We had little time to create the app
  • The mobile app was too complex, so we had to do it as a web application
  • We needed to add basic ticket design customization

Ticket implementation is essentially a QR code with the possibility of basic customization. One of the more challenging tasks was that the application contained a QR code reader for scanning tickets without installing an additional application. For that, we used the existing JS library, Html5-QRcode. We created a simple statistics tool for easier event management.

In conclusion

Clean Fellas will continue to use the Shinding as their go-to ticketing app

Shindig CleanFellas Bytecode

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