TwoMargins - Crowdsourcing Wall Street - Discuss financial documents

The coolest, most constructive best-yet crowdsourcing effort to hit Wall Street

About the project

Two Margins wants to change the way financial information is analyzed. It uses the wisdom of the crowd to help users gain financial insight and advantage. It allows financial experts to annotate and comment U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission issued reports and other financial/ political documents. The original idea was simple in theory: upload financial documents and allow users to annotate and discuss them.

How we do it

We were responsible for developing the entire application and deploying the back-end and setting up the servers.

  • Gathered data from SEC’s Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval systems.
  • Built a complex Nokogiri powered HTML parsing system that allowed us to annotate heavy financial documents made of deeply and irregularly nested HTML.
  • Supported product owners during peak traffic times and important document releases, for example during U.S. presidential elections.
  • Integrated TwoMargins annotating interface into multiple external partner platforms.
  • Onboarded and trained new hires once the project matured.